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Classification: Anti-infective oral rinse Action/Kinetics: Chorhexidine is absorbed onto the tooth surface, dental plaque, and oral mucosa allowing for a sustained reduction of plaque organisms. Poorly absorbed orally, 30% retained in the oral cavity and slowly released. Uses: Treatment of gingivitis between dental visits. Non-FDA Approved Uses: Acute aphthous ulcers, denture stomatitis.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity.

Special Concerns: Efficacy not established in children < 18 years of age, lactation, not intended for periodontitis.

Side Effects: Oral: Altered sense of taste, increased calculus formation, staining of teeth, tongue, and restorations, mucosal desquamation and irritation, transient parotitis. Drug Interactions Alcohol / T Chance of disulfiram-like reaction

Disfulfiram / T Chance of disulfi-ram-like reaction

Metronidazole / T Chance of disulfi-ram-like reaction

How Supplied: Oral rinse: 0.12%

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