[MORfeen SULfayt Pregnancy Category C

Astramorph PF, Duramorph, Infu-morph, Kadian, M-Eslon M, Morphine HP M, M.O.S.-Sulfate M, MS Contin, MS-IR, MSIR Capsules, Oramorph SR, RMS, RMS Rectal Suppositories, Roxa-nol, Roxanol 100, Roxanol Rescudo-se, Roxanol UD, Statex M [C-II] [Rx] Classification: Opioid analgesic, morphine type

See also Opioid Analgesics. Action/Kinetics: Morphine is the prototype for opiate analgesics. Onset: approximately 15-60 min, based on epidural or intrathecal use. Peak effect: 30-60 min. Duration: 3-7 hr. tV2: 1.5-2 hr. Oral morphine is only one-third to one-sixth as effective as parenteral products. Uses: Intrathecally, epidurally, PO (including sustained-release products), or by continuous IV infusion for acute or chronic pain. In low doses, morphine is more effective against dull, continuous pain than against intermittent, sharp pain. Large doses, however, will dull almost any kind of pain. Preoperative medication. To facilitate induction of anesthesia and reduce dose of anesthetic. Non-FDA Approved Uses: Acute LV failure (for dyspneic seizures) and pulmonary edema. Morphine should not be used with papaverine for analgesia in biliary spasms but may be used with papaverine in acute vascular occlusions.

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