[ah-MOX-ah-peen] Pregnancy Category: C Asendin [Rx]

Classification: Antidepressant, tricyclic

See also Antidepressants, Tricyclic. Action/Kinetics: In addition to its effect on monoamines, this drug also blocks dopamine receptors. Significant anticholinergic effects, moderate sedation, and slight orthostatic hypotensive effect. Metabolized to the active metabolites 7-hydroxy-and 8-hydroxyamoxapine. Peak blood levels: 90 min. Effective plasma levels: 200-500 ng/mL. Time to reach steady state: 2-7 days. tl2: 8 hr; t1/ of major metabolite: 30 hr. Excreted in urine. Uses: Endogenous and reactive depression. Antianxiety agent. Contraindications: Avoid high dose levels in clients with a history of convulsive seizures. During acute recovery period after MI. Special Concerns: Safe use in children under 16 years of age and during lactation not established. Additional Side Effects: Tardive dyskinesia. Overdosage may cause seizures (common), neuroleptic malig nant syndrome, testicular swelling, impairment of sexual function, and breast enlargement in males and females. Also, renal failure may be seen 2—5 days after overdosage. How Supplied: Tablet: 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg


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