Benztropine mesylate

[BENS-troh-peen] Pregnancy Category: C

Apo-Benztropine M, Cogentin, PMS-Benztropine M [Rx]

Classification: Synthetic anticholinergic, antiparkinson agent

See also Cholinergic Blocking Agents.

Action/Kinetics: Synthetic anti-cholinergic possessing antihistamine and local anesthetic properties. Onset, PO: 1-2 hr; IM, IV: Within a few minutes. Effects are cumulative; is long-acting (24 hr). Full effects are manifested in 2-3 days. Low incidence of side effects.

Uses: Adjunct in the treatment of parkinsonism (all types). To reduce

B severity of extrapyramidal effects in phenothiazine or other antipsychotic drug therapy (not effective in tardive dyskinesia).

Special Concerns: Not recommended for children under 3 years of age. Geriatric and emaciated clients cannot tolerate large doses. Certain drug-induced extrapyramidal symptoms may not respond to ben-ztropine.

How Supplied: Injection: 1 mg/mL; Tablet: 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 2 mg


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