[klor-PROH-pah-myd] Pregnancy Category: C

Apo-Chlorpropamide M, Diabinese, Novo-Propamide M [Rx] Classification: Sulfonylurea, first-generation

See also Antidiabetic Agents: Hypoglycemic Agents and Insulin. Action/Kinetics: May be effective in clients who do not respond well to other antidiabetic agents. Onset: 1 hr. tv2: 35 hr. Time to peak levels:

2-4 hr. Duration: Up to 60 hr (due to slow excretion). Eighty percent metabolized in liver; 80%-90% excreted in the urine.

Additional Uses: Non-FDA Approved Uses: Neurogenic diabetes insipidus.

Special Concerns: If the client is susceptible to fluid retention or has impaired cardiac function, frequent monitoring is necessary. Additional Side Effects: Side effects are frequent. Severe diarrhea, occasionally accompanied by bleeding in the lower bowel. Relieve severe GI distress by dividing total daily dose in half. In older clients, hypogly-cemia may be severe. Inappropriate ADH secretion, leading to hypona-tremia, water retention, low serum osmolality, and high urine osmolality.

Additional Drug Interactions Disulfiram / More likely to interact with chlorpropamide than other oral antidiabetics

Probenecid / T Effect of chlorpropa-mide

Sodium bicarbonate / l Effect of chlorpropamide due to T excretion by kidney

How Supplied: Tablet: 100 mg, 250 mg



Adults, middle-aged clients, mild to moderate diabetes, initial: 250

mg/day as a single or divided dose; geriatric, initial: 100-125 mg/day. All clients, maintenance: 100-250 mg/day as single or divided doses. Severe diabetics may require 500 mg/day; doses greater than 750 mg/day are not recommended.

Neurogenic diabetes insipidus. Adults: 200-500 mg/day.

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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