Classification Antihistamine ophthalmic

See also Antihistamines. Action/Kinetics: Selective hista-mine H-1 receptor antagonist. Little is absorbed into the systemic circulation.

Uses: Prevention of itching in allergic conjunctivitis.

Contraindications: Not to be injected. Not to be instilled while the client is wearing contact lenses. Special Concerns: Use with caution during lactation. Safety and efficacy have not been determined for children less than 3 years of age. Side Effects: Ophthalmic: Burning or stinging, dry eye, foreign body sensation, hyperemia, keratitis, lid edema, pruritus. Nose/throat: Pharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis. Oral: Taste perversion. Miscellaneous: Headache, asthenia, cold syndrome. Drug Interactions: None reported. How Supplied: Solution: 0.1% Solution in a 5-mL drop dispenser

The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

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