Classification Cardiac glycoside

See also Cardiac Glycosides. Action/Kinetics: Action prompter and shorter than that of digitoxin. Onset: PO, 0.5-2 hr; time to peak effect: 2-6 hr. Duration: Over 24 hr. Onset, IV: 5-30 min; time to peak effect: 1-4 hr. Duration: 6 days. tVi: 30-40 hr. Therapeutic serum level: 0.5-2.0 ng/mL. From 20% to 25% is protein bound. Serum levels above 2.5 ng/mL indicate toxicity. Fifty percent to 70% is excreted unchanged by the kidneys. Bioavailability depends on the dosage form: tablets (60%-80%), capsules (90%-100%), and elixir (70%-85%). Thus, changing dosage forms may require dosage adjustments.

Uses: May be drug of choice for CHF because of rapid onset, relatively short duration, and ability to be administered PO or IV. Contraindications: See also Cardiac Glycosides.

Side Effects: See also Cardiac Glyco-sides.

Drug Interactions: See also Cardiac Glycosides.

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