Client Family Teaching

1. Report oral lesions, soreness or bleeding to the dentist.

2. Provide mouth care q 4-6 hr; otherwise mucosal deterioration occurs. Avoid lemon or glycerin; these tend to reduce saliva production and change pH of the mouth.

3. Secondary oral infections may occur. See the dentist if they should develop.

4. Review the importance of good oral hygiene in order to prevent soft tissue inflammation.

5. Review the proper use of oral hygiene aids in order to prevent injury.

6. Daily home fluoride treatments for persistent dry mouth.

7. Avoid alcohol-containing mouth rinses or beverages.

8. Avoid caffeine-containing beverages.

9. Dry mouth can be treated with tart, sugarless gum or candy, water, sugarless beverages, or with saliva substitutes if dry mouth persists.

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