Consultation with Primary Care Provider

1. Patients with symptoms of blood dyscrasias should be referred to their primary care provider for complete blood counts. Treatment should be postponed until the results are known. Client/Family Teaching

1. Apply acyclovir ointment in the amount directed with a finger cot or rubber glove to prevent transmission of infection to other body sites.

2. Adequately cover all lesions with topical acyclovir as ordered, but do not exceed dosage or the frequency of application or the length of time for treatment.

3. Report any burning, stinging, itching, and rash if evident when applying acyclovir.

4. Dispose of toothbrush and other oral hygiene devices used during the time of active infection in order to prevent reinfection with the herpes virus.

5. Avoid mouth rinses with alcohol because of their drying effects.

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