Dental Concerns

See also General Dental Concerns for All Anti-Infectives.


1. Determine why the patient is taking the drug.

2. Decreased saliva flow can put the patient at risk for dental caries, perio-dontal disease, and candidiasis.

3. Patients on chronic drug therapy may develop blood dyscrasias. Symptoms include fever, sore throat, and bleeding, and poor wound healing.

Consultation with Primary Care Provider

1. Patients with symptoms of blood dyscrasias should be referred to their primary care provider for complete blood counts. Treatment should be postponed until the results are known.

2. Medical consultation may be necessary in order to assess disease control.

Client/Family Teaching

1. No alcohol; a disulfiram-like reaction may occur. Symptoms include abdominal cramps, vomiting, flushing, and headache.

2. Taste perversion may occur.

3. Review the importance of good oral hygiene in order to prevent soft tissue inflammation.

4. Review the proper use of oral hygiene aids in order to prevent injury.

5. Daily home fluoride treatments for persistent dry mouth.

6. Avoid alcohol-containing mouth rinses.

7. Dry mouth can be treated with tart, sugarless gum or candy, water, or with saliva substitutes if dry mouth persists.

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