Dextroamphetamine sulfate

[dex-troh-am-FET-ah-meen] Pregnancy Category: C Dexedrine, Oxydess II, Spancap No. 1 [C-II] [Rx]

Classification: Central nervous system stimulant, amphetamine type

See also Amphetamines and Derivatives.

Action/Kinetics: Has stronger CNS effects and weaker peripheral action than does amphetamine; thus, dextro-amphetamine manifests fewer undesirable CV effects. After PO administration, completely absorbed in 3 hr. Duration: PO, 4-24 hr; tVz, adults: 10-12 hr; children: 6-8 hr. Excreted in urine. Acidification will increase excretion, while alkalinization will decrease it.

Uses: Attention deficit disorders in children, narcolepsy.

Contraindications: See also Amphetamines and Derivatives.

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