[dih-jih-TOX-in] Pregnancy Category: C

Crystodigin, Digitaline M [Rx] Classification: Cardiac glycoside

See also Cardiac Glycosides. Action/Kinetics: Most potent of the digitalis glycosides. Slow onset makes it unsuitable for emergency use. Almost completely absorbed from GI tract. Onset: PO, 1-4 hr; maximum effect: 8-12 hr. ty2: 5-9 days; Duration: 2 weeks. Significant protein binding (over 90%). Metabolized by the liver and excreted as in active metabolites through the urine. Therapeutic serum levels: 14-26 ng/mL. Withhold drug and check with provider if serum level exceeds 35 ng/mL, indicating toxicity. Uses: Maintenance in CHF. Contraindications: See also Cardiac Glycosides.

Special Concerns: Digitalis tablets may not be suitable for small children; thus, other digitalis products should be considered. Side Effects: See also Cardiac Glyco-sides.

Drug Interactions: See also Cardiac Glycosides.

Additional Drug Interactions

Barbiturates / l Effect of digitoxin due to T breakdown by liver Phenylbutazone / l Effect of digi-toxin due to T breakdown by liver How Supplied: Tablet: 0.1 mg


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