Drug Interactions

Anesthetics / Thiazides may T effects of anesthetics Anticholinergic agents / T Effect of thiazides due to T amount absorbed from GI tract

Corticosteroids / Enhanced potassium loss due to potassium-losing properties of both drugs Ethanol / Additive orthostatic hypotension

Indomethacin / l Effect of thia-zides, possibly by inhibition of prostaglandins

Muscle relaxants, nondepolarizing / T Effect of muscle relaxants due to hypokalemia

Norepinephrine / Thiazides l arterial response to norepinephrine Sulfonamides / T Effect of thiazides due to l plasma protein binding Tetracyclines / T Risk of azotemia Tubocurarine / T Muscle relaxation and T hypokalemia

Vasopressors (sympathomimetics) / Thiazides i responsiveness of arter-ioles to vasopressors

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