Insulin zinc suspension Lente

Pork: Iletin II M, Lente Iletin II, Lente L. Beef/Pork: Iletin M, Lentin Iletin I. Human: Humulin L, Novolin ge Lente M, Novolin L [OTC]

Classification: Intermediate-acting insulin

See also Antidiabetic Agents: Insulins.

Action/Kinetics: Contains 70% crystalline and 30% amorphous insulin suspension. Considered intermediate-acting. Principal advantage is

■ the absence of a sensitizing agent such as protamine. Onset: 1-2.5 hr. Peak: 7-15 hr. Duration: About 22 hr. Uses: Allergy to other types of insulin and in clients disposed to throm-botic phenomena in which prota-mine may be a factor. Zinc insulin is not a replacement for regular insulin and is not suitable for emergency use.

How Supplied: Injection: 100 U/mL



Adults, initial: 7-26 units 30-60 min before breakfast. Dosage is then increased by daily or weekly increments of 2-10 units until satisfactory readjustment is established. A second smaller dose may be given prior to the evening meal or at bedtime. Clients on NPH can be transferred to insulin zinc suspension on a unit-for-unit basis. Clients being transferred from regular insulin should begin zinc insulin at two-thirds to three-fourths the regular insulin dosage. If the client is being transferred from protamine zinc insulin, the dose of zinc insulin should be about 50% of that required for protamine zinc insulin.

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Supplements For Diabetics

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