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Narcotic overdose. Initial: 0.4-2 mg IV; if necessary, additional IV doses may be repeated at 2- to 3-min intervals. If no response after 10 mg, reevaluate diagnosis. Pediatric, initial: 0.01 mg/kg IV; then, 0.1 mg/kg IV, if needed. The

SC or IM route may be used if an IV route is not available.

To reverse postoperative narcotic depression.

Adults: IV, initial, 0.1- to 0.2-mg increments at 2- to 3-min intervals; then, repeat at 1- to 2-hr intervals if necessary. Supplemental IM dosage increases the duration of reversal. Children: Initial, 0.005-0.01 mg IV at 2- to 3-min intervals until desired response is obtained.

Reverse narcotic-induced depression in neonates.

Initial: 0.01 mg/kg IV, IM, or SC. May be repeated using adult administration guidelines.

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