Infusion Analgesia

Adults: 2.5-15 mg/70 kg in 4-5 mL of water for injection (should be administered slowly over 4-5 min).

• IV Infusion, Continuous

Analgesia. Adults: 0.1-1 mg/mL in D5W by a controlled-infusion pump.

• Rectal Suppositories Adults: 10-20 mg q 4 hr.

• Intrathecal

Adults: 0.2-1 mg as a single daily injection.

Initial: 5 mg/day in the lumbar region; if analgesia is not manifested in 1 hr, increasing doses of 1-2 mg can be given, not to exceed 10 mg/day. For continuous infusion, 2-4 mg/day with additional doses of 1-2 mg if analgesia is not satisfactory.

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