Lidocaine hydrochloride topical

[LYE-doh-kayn] Pregnancy Category: B

Xylocaine Viscous

Classification: Topical, amide local anesthetic

Action/Kinetics: Promotes anesthesia by inhibiting sensory nerve impulses.

Uses: Topical anesthesia for inflamed or ulcerated mucosa, to reduce the gag reflex in patients

■ undergoing dental radiologic examinations or dental impressions. Contraindications: Hypersensitiv-ity, application over a large area. Special Concerns: Sepsis, denuded skin.

Side Effects: Skin: Rash, irritation, sensitization

Drug Interactions: None reported. How Supplied: Topical solution: 2% in 100- and 450- mL bottles


• Topical Solution

Irritated or inflamed mucosa. Adults: Rinse with 5-15 mL prior to meals or as needed to reduce pain of aphthous ulcers. Expectorate after rinsing.

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