[lor-AYZ-eh-pam] Pregnancy Category: D

Apo-Lorazepam M, Ativan, Lorazepam Intensol, Novo-Lorazem M, Nu-Loraz M, PMS-Lorazepam M, Pro-Lorazepam M [C-IV] [Rx] Classification: Antianxiety agent, benzodiazepine

See also Sedative-Hypnotics (Anti-anxiety)/Antimanic Drugs. Action/Kinetics: Absorbed and eliminated faster than other benzod-iazepines. Peak plasma levels: PO, 1-6 hr; IM, 1-1.5 hr. ti/2: 10-20 hr. Metabolized to inactive compounds, which are excreted through the kidneys.

Uses: PO: Anxiety, tension, anxiety with depression, insomnia, acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Paren-teral: Amnesic agent, anticonvul-sant, antitremor drug, adjunct to skeletal muscle relaxants, preanes-thetic medication, adjunct prior to endoscopic procedures, treatment of status epilepticus, relief of acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Non-FDA Approved Uses: Antiemetic in cancer chemotherapy.

Getting to Know Anxiety

Getting to Know Anxiety

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