N Extended Release Capsules Tablets Extended Release Tablets Capsules Elixir


Adults: Up to 500 mg/day; pediatric:

Up to 300 mg/day.

Antihyperlipidemic. Adults, initial: 1 g t.i.d.; then: increase dose in increments of 500 mg/day q 2-4 weeks as needed. Maintenance: 1-2 g t.i.d. (up to a maximum of 8 g/day).

Adults, IM: 50-100 mg 5 or more times/day. IV, slow: 25-100 mg 2 or more times/day. Pediatric, IV slow: Up to 300 mg/day. Niacinamide

• Tablets Vitamin.

Adults: Up to 500 mg/day. Pediatric:

Up to 300 mg/day. capsules not recommended for use in children.

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