Or 20 Solution Nebulization Direct Application or Direct Intratracheal Instillation

Nebulization into face mask, tracheostomy, mouth piece. 1-10 mL of 20% solution or 2-10 mL of 10% solution 3-4 times/day.

Closed tent or croupette. Up to 300 mL of 10% or 20% solution/treatment.

Direct instillation into tracheosto-my.

Percutaneous intratracheal catheter.

1-2 mL of 20% solution or 2-4 mL of 10% solution q 1-4 hr by syringe attached to catheter.

Instillation to particular portion of bronchopulmonary tree using small plastic catheter into the trachea.

2-5 mL of 20% solution instilled into the trachea by means of a syringe connected to a catheter.

Diagnostic procedures. 2-3 doses of 1-2 mL of 20% or 2-4 mL of 10% solution by nebulization or intratracheal instillation before the procedure.

Acetaminophen overdose. Given PO, initial: 140 mg/kg; then, 70 mg/kg q 4 hr for a total of 17 doses.

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