Oral Solution Tablets

Psychoses. Adults: 0.5-2 mg b.i.d.-t.i.d. up to 3-5 mg b.i.d.-t.i.d. for severe symptoms; maintenance: reduce dosage to lowest effective level. Up to 100 mg/day may be required in some.

Geriatric or debilitated clients: 0.5-2 mg b.i.d.-t.i.d. Pediatric, 3-12 years or 15-40 kg: 0.5 mg/day in two to three divided doses; if necessary the daily dose may be increased by 0.5-mg increments q 5-7 days for a total of 0.15 mg/kg/day for psychotic disorders and 0.075 mg/kg for nonpsychotic behavior disorders and Tourette's syndrome. Doses for children 3-6 years of age are 0.01-0.03 mg/kg/day PO for agitation and hy-perkinesia and 0.5-4 mg/day for infantile autism.

• IM, Lactate Acute psychoses.

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