Pseudoephedrine sulfate

[soo-doh-eh-FED-rin] Pregnancy Category: B

Afrin Extended-Release Tablets, Drix-oral Day M, Drixoral N.D. M, Drixoral Non-Drowsy Formula [OTC] Classification: Direct- and indirect-acting sympathomimetic, nasal decongestant

See also Sympathomimetic Drugs. Action/Kinetics: Produces direct stimulation of both alpha-(pro-nounced) and beta-adrenergic receptors, as well as indirect stimulation through release of norepinephrine from storage sites. Results in decon-gestant effect on the nasal mucosa. Systemic administration eliminates possible damage to the nasal mucosa. Onset: 15-30 min. Time to peak effect: 30-60 min. Duration: 3-4 hr. Extended-release: duration, 8-12 hr. Urinary excretion slowed by alkalinization, causing reabsorption of drug.

Uses: Nasal congestion associated with sinus conditions, otitis, allergies. Relief of eustachian tube congestion.

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