Quinidine Gluconate Injection IM or IV

Acute tachycardia. Adults, initial: 600 mg IM; then,

400 mg IM repeated as often as q 2 hr.

Arrhythmias. Adults: 330 mg IM or less IV (as much as 500-750 mg may be required).

P. falciparum malaria. Two regimens may be used. (1) Loading dose: 15 mg/kg in 250 mL NSS given over 4 hr; then, 24 hr after beginning the loading dose, institute 7.5 mg/kg infused over 4 hr and given q 8 hr for 7 days or until PO therapy can be started. (2) Loading dose: 10 mg/kg in 250 mL NSS infused over 1-2 hr followed immediately by 0.02 mg/kg/min for up to

72 hr or until parasitemia decreases to less than 1% or PO therapy can be started.

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