Regular insulin

Pork: Iletin II M, Insulin-Toronto M, Regular Iletin II, Regular Purified Pork Insulin. Beef/Pork: Iletin M, Regular Iletin I. Human: Humulin-R M, Novolin R, Novolin R PenFill, Novolin R Prefilled, Velosulin Human BR [OTC] Classification: Rapid-acting insulin

See also Antidiabetic Agents: Insulins.

Action/Kinetics: Rarely administered as the sole agent due to its short duration of action. Injections of 100 units/mL are clear; cloudy, colored solutions should not be used. Regular insulin is the only preparation suitable for IV administration. Available only as 100 units/mL. Onset, SC: 30-60 min; IV: 10-30 min. Peak, SC: 2-4 hr; IV: 15-30 min. Duration, SC: 6-8 hr; IV: 30-60 min.

Uses: Suitable for treatment of diabetic coma, diabetic acidosis, or other emergency situations. Especially suitable for the client suffering from labile diabetes. During acute phase of diabetic acidosis or for the client in diabetic crisis, client is monitored by serum glucose and serum ketone levels. How Supplied: Insulin injection: Injection: 100 U/mL.



Adults, individualized, usual, initial: 5-10 units; pediatric: 2-4

units. Injection is given 15-30 min before meals and at bedtime.

Diabetic ketoacidosis. Adults: 0.1 unit/kg/hr given by continuous IV infusion.

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