Secobarbital sodium

[see-koh-BAR-bih-tal] Pregnancy Category: D Novo-Secobarb M, Seconal Sodium [C-II] [Rx]

Classification: Barbiturate sedative-hypnotic

See also Barbiturates. Action/Kinetics: Short-acting. Distributed quickly due to high lipid

solubility. Onset: 10-15 min. tVi: 15-40 hr. Duration: 3-4 hr. Is 46%-70% protein bound. Uses: Parenteral: Intermittent use as a sedative, hypnotic, or preanesthe-tic.

Special Concerns: Elderly or debilitated clients may be more sensitive to the drug and require reduced dosage.

How Supplied: Injection: 50 mg/mL


Hypnotic. Adults: 100-200 mg IM or 50-250 mg IV.

Preoperative sedative. Adults: 1 mg/kg IM 10-15 min before procedure. Children: 4-5 mg/kg IM.

Dentistry in clients who will receive nerve block. 100-150 mg IV.

Status epilepticus. Children: 15-20 mg/kg IV over 10-15 min.

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