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What is Parkinsons Disease

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Parkinsonism, clients not receiving levodopa.

1 tablet b.i.d. at intervals of not less than 6 hr. Depending on the response, dosage may be increased or decreased. Usual dose is 2-8 tablets/day in divided doses at intervals of 4-8 hr during waking hours (if divided doses are not equal, the smaller dose should be given at the end of the day).

Parkinsonism, clients receiving levodopa.

1 tablet b.i.d. Carbidopa is available alone for clients requiring additional carbidopa (i.e., inadequate reduction in N&V); in such clients, carbido-

pa may be given at a dose of 25 mg with the first daily dose of carbido-pa/levodopa. If necessary, additional carbidopa, at doses of 12.5 or 25 mg, may be given with each dose of car-bidopa/levodopa.

Clients receiving carbidopa/levo-dopa who require additional carbidopa.

In clients taking 10 mg carbido-pa/100 mg levodopa, 25 mg carbi-dopa may be given with the first dose each day. Additional doses of 12.5 or 25 mg may be given during the day with each dose. If the client is taking 25 mg carbidopa/250 mg levodopa, a dose of 25 mg carbidopa may be given with any dose, as needed. The maximum daily dose of carbidopa is 200 mg.

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