Hypertension. Initial: 40 mg/day; then, may be increased in 40- to 80-mg increments until optimum response obtained. Maintenance: 40-80 mg/day although up to 240-320 mg/day may be needed.


Initial: 40 mg/day; then, increase dose in 40- to 80-mg increments q 3-7 days until optimum response obtained. Maintenance: 40-80 mg/day, although up to 160-240 mg/day may be needed.

Aggressive behavior. 40-160 mg/day.

Antipsyehotie-indueed akathisia. 40-80 mg/day.

Essential tremor. 120-240 mg/day.

Lithium-indueed tremors.

Tremors associated with parkin-sonism.

80-320 mg/day.

Prophylaxis of migraine. 40-80 mg/day.

Rebleeding from esophageal varices.

40-160 mg/day.

Situational anxiety. 20 mg.

Ventricular arrhythmias. 10-640 mg/day.

Reduction of intraocular pressure. 10-20 mg b.i.d.

NOTE: Dosage for all uses should be decreased in clients with renal failure.

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