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[toll-AZ-ah-myd] Pregnancy Category: C Tolinase [Rx]

Classification: Sulfonylurea, first-generation

See also Antidiabetic Agents: Hypogly-cemic Agents.

Action/Kinetics: Effective in some with a history of coma or ketoacido-sis; may be effective in clients who do not respond well to other oral antidi-abetics. Use with insulin is not recommended for maintenance. Onset: 4-6 hr. tv2: 7 hr. Time to peak levels: 3-4 hr. Duration: 12-24 hr. Metabolized in liver to metabolites with minor hypoglycemic activity. Excreted through the kidneys (85%) and feces (7%).

Additional Contraindications: Renal glycosuria.

Additional Drug Interactions:

Concomitant use of alcohol and tolaz-amide may ^ photosensitivity. How Supplied: Tablet: 100 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg


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