spasticity, 226

sulprostone, 126

treatment, 92, 122, 134

spermatogenesis stimula-

sulthiame, 162

tachyphylaxis, 88

tion, 252

sumatriptan, 116, 322

tacrine, 102

spiramycin, 276

suppositories, 12, 13

tacrolimus, 300

spironolactone, 164, 165

suspensions, 8

tamoxifen, 254

stage fright, 92

swallowing problems, 324

tape worms, 292, 293

stanozolol, 252

sweat glands

tardive dyskinesia, 238

Staphylococcus bacteria,

atropine poisoning and,

tazobactam, 270

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