Measures for Attenuating or Preventing Drug Induced Cushings Syndrome

a) Use of Cortisol derivatives with less (e.g., prednisolone) or negligible miner-alocorticoid activity (e.g., triamcinolone, dexamethasone). Glucocorticoid activity of these congeners is more pronounced. Glucorticoid, anti-inflammatory and feedback inhibitory (p. 250) actions on the hypophysis are correlated. An exclusively anti-inflammatory congener does not exist. The "glucocorti-coid" related Cushingoid symptoms cannot be avoided. The table lists relative activity (potency) with reference to cortisol, whose mineralo- and glucocor-ticoid activities are assigned a value of 1.0. All listed glucocorticoids are effective orally.

Inflammation redness, swelling heat, pain; scar

Hypertension 4

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