Therapy of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is an endogenous psychosis of episodic character. Its chief symptoms reflect a thought disorder (i.e., distracted, incoherent, illogical thinking; impoverished intellectual content; blockage of ideation; abrupt breaking of a train of thought: claims of being subject to outside agencies that control the patient's thoughts), and a disturbance of affect (mood inappropriate to the situation) and of psychomotor drive. In addition, patients exhibit delusional paranoia (persecution mania) or hallucinations (fearfulness hearing of voices). Contrasting these "positive" symptoms, the so-called "negative" symptoms, viz., poverty of thought, social withdrawal, and anhedonia, assume added importance in determining the severity of the disease. The disruption and incoherence of ideation is symbolically represented at the top left (A) and the normal psychic state is illustrated as on p. 237 (bottom left).

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