Biomarkers for Neuroprotective Drug Evaluation

A key need to improve the translation of preclinical neuroprotective effects into successful mechanism-based clinical trials is the identification of measurable biomarkers that allow the pathophysiology and drug effects thereon to be determined. Three examples of promising CNS injury biomarkers are the LP-related isoprostanes30 and neuroprostanes,31 calpain and caspase-3-mediated degradation products of the cytoskeletal protein a-spectrin,32 and the astrocytic injury marker S100p.33'34 The validation of these for the monitoring of postischemic or posttraumatic injury is ongoing in multiple centers and should lead to a quantifiable means for the more efficient clinical evaluation of neuroprotective pharmacotherapies with regard to neuroprotective efficacy, dose-response, therapeutic window, and optimal dosing regimen determinations.

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