Statins have demonstrated the clinical benefits associated with LDLc lowering and have dramatically improved the treatment options for CHD patients. Cholesterol absorption inhibitors now represent a viable alternative for lipid lowering, particularly in patients who are either unresponsive to or intolerant of statins. A variety of newer therapies are in clinical testing which may make alternative options available for LDLc lowering in patients. Figure 16 summarizes some of these newer therapies and how they fit in mechanistically versus established drugs in providing new options to address disease initiation, progression, and/or regression.

Based upon the proof-of-concept clinical results observed with both JTT-705 and torcetrapib, viable new options may be on the horizon for increasing HDLc levels in patients at risk of CHD because of low HDLc. The percentage

Ezetimibe IBAT inhibitors ACAT inhibitors

FLAP inhibitors 5-LO Inhibitors AGI-1067 PPAR agonists

ACAT-2 inhibitors

ApoA1 Milano

Torcetrapib JTT-705 Fibrates Niacin

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