review. Renzapride

Renzapride 4 is a substituted benzamide compound that is a 5HT4 partial agonist and 5HT3 antagonist. The presumed action of renzapride is activation of 5HT4 in cholinergic neurons to stimulate gut contractility; however, these actions may be opposed by its antagonistic activity at 5HT3. However, in laboratory studies, renzapride displayed prokinetic effects, stimulating peristalsis in guinea pig ileum segments and colonic motility in dogs,204 and human pharmacodynamic data show that renzapride accelerates colonic transit, suggesting that the 5HT4 action is dominant.205 Visceral sensations may be relieved through both actions of the drug, as described.204 Results of preliminary reports suggest a positive effect of renzapride in improving stool consistency and symptoms of abdominal pain/discomfort.192,206 However, in a phase II study of patients with IBS-A, renzapride was not more effective than placebo in the number of days of relief of overall IBS symptoms.193

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