Presence (+) or absence (-) of mild footshock

Figure 1 Acquisition of a five-trial inhibitory avoidance test in rat pups from three different strains: spontaneously hypertensive (SH), Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) and Wistar (WI). In the absence of the mild footshock (closed symbols), there is no difference in transfer times between the illuminated and darkened compartments. When the precision shock generator is active, however, pups from all three strains acquired the test after five trials. However, SHR pups exhibited a shallower learning curve compared with WKY or WI pups. This effect is readily apparent when data from trials 2-5 inclusive are summed and the mean taken. (Modified from Fox, G. B.; Pan, J. B.; Esbenshade, T. A.; Bennani, Y. L.; Black, L. A.; Faghih, R.; Hancock, A. A.; Decker, M. W. Behav. Brain Res. 2002, 131, 151-161, reprinted with permission of Elsevier.)

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