transmission Excellent for understanding aura with unproven benefit in identifying either preventive or acute attack treatments50 Useful particularly in the human setting51

Useful in determining in humans dose at which a new compound can inhibit trigeminal nociceptive processing52

response, or the 24 h sustained painfree response, seem good choices. The latter is a composite of an initial painfree response by 2 h followed by 24 h of pain freedom and no need to take a rescue medication. Parallel groups are most often used, and placebo is very often required. Adaptive designs have proved useful in both identifying new therapies and demonstrating a lack of effectiveness of a putative therapy.43 A particular issue in clinical trial design is the very high placebo rates that are reported in adolescent studies.44

Preventive therapies have recently been studied, again with the program that evaluated topiramate.45 The IHS recently revised its guidelines in this area.46 The botulinum toxin A47 studies recently reported with electronic diary information will no doubt have an influence on trial design as data capture was more complete and clearly contemporaneous. A fundamental issue is the primary end-point, such as reduction in number of migraine attacks, or reduction in migraine periods, a 24 h time epoch in which the patient experiences migraine symptoms for at appears 2 h or takes a migraine-specific medication. The latter has sensitivity to change and allows for varying lengths of attack that clearly impact on disease burden. This is an interesting area of clinical research.

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