Lipid transport and transfer are also mediated by plasma proteins. For example, cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) mediates cholesteryl ester and TG transfer between HDL and either VLDL or LDL particles. For every cholesteryl ester acquired from HDL and transferred to LDL or VLDL, CETP acquires one TG molecule from LDL or VLDL and transfers it to HDL. Thus, CETP plays a critical role in both cholesteryl ester and TG transfer among lipoproteins. Similarly, PL transfer protein (PLTP) mediates the transfer of phospholipids between the various lipoprotein particles. The entire lipid transport process is highly regulated both in terms of lipoprotein particle and apolipoprotein production as well as the transfer of lipids to and from the particles.

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Blood Pressure Health

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