Lowdensity lipoprotein structure and composition

Like VLDL, LDL particles contain apoB-100 as surface proteins and are primarily assembled in the liver. With a molecular weight >550kDa and over 4500 amino acid residues, apoB-100 is one of the largest and most insoluble human proteins.11'12 The apoB-100 is so tightly associated with the surface of these particles that it is unexchangeable without disrupting the integrity of the particle. LDL particles have an average diameter of about 20 nm and are about three times smaller than VLDL particles. The remodeling of VLDL by LpL reduces its overall TG core content, increases its cholesteryl ester content, and shrinks the diameter of the particle, with the net effect of producing an

Table 2 Chemical compositions of LDL and HDL subclasses



Percentage of total lipoprotein partie

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