Niacin as a highdensity lipoprotein cholesterolelevating agent

Niacin 17 (nicotinic acid, pyridine-3-carboxylic acid, Figure 8) in doses up to 1000 mg day_ 1 raises HDLc and lowers LDLc and TG. Niacin elevated HDLc by up to 30%, but side effects such as flushing were common and limited patient compliance. Similar increases in total HDLc of 26-28% were achieved with fewer side effects following long-term treatment with Niaspan, an extended-release form of niacin, either alone or in combination with simvastatin. In other studies, prolonged treatment of patients with low HDLc with immediate-release niacin alone had some clinical benefit in reducing total mortality, but side effects were common and limited patient compliance. Niacin has multiple and complex mechanisms of action in dyslipidemia, but its ability to raise HDLc has been attributed in part to the inhibition of apoA-I-mediated hepatic uptake of HDL.

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