a pro-drug of the mixed COX-1/COX-2 inhibitor amfenac (Figure 5) inhibited retinal neovascularization in both the mouse OIR and laser-induced CNV models.59 It is tempting to speculate that efficient diffusion of the uncharged pro-drug to the posterior segment is followed by retinal enzymatic hydrolysis to the active amfenac, which as an obligately charged species (an amino acid) inefficiently diffuses out of the retina.60

As a final note, the use of gene therapy to treat wet AMD, e.g., adenoviral vector-induced PEDF gene upregulation (Table 1) may offer advantages over other therapies in terms of reducing off-target activity, harnessing endogenous mechanisms for controlling angiogenesis, and decreasing the frequency of agent administration. However, usual gene therapy challenges apply, e.g., avoiding immune response and providing a method to quickly and efficiently switch off gene expression if necessary.

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