Obesity Disorders of Energy

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6.18.1 Disease State 390

6.18.2 Genetics 391

6.18.3 Disease Basis 392

6.18.4 Experimental Disease Models 392

6.18.5 Clinical Trial Issues 394

6.18.6 Current Treatment 394 History 394 Antiobesity Drugs that Act through Central Nervous System (CNS)

Mechanisms 395 Currently marketed compounds 395 Amphetamine and methamphetamine 396 Phentermine 396 Benzphetamine 397 Diethylpropion 397 Phendimetrazine 398 Sibutramine 398 Other anorexiant drugs 399 Antiobesity Drugs that Act through Peripheral Mechanisms 402 Orlistat 402

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Blood Pressure Health

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