Ra Fatty Acids

Omega fatty acids like (eicosapentaenoic acid) EPA and docosahexenoic acid (DHA) (Figure 4) have a variety of effects in CNS disease states with reports of efficacy in depression, schizophrenia, and Huntington's disease. EPA and DHA can raise seizure threshold in rats and can also reduce the proinflammatory mediator production seen in epilepsy models and in epileptic patients by inhibiting PLA2 and COX-2 activity.55 In a 12-week, double blind, placebo controlled trial, patients with refractory epilepsy treated with an o-3 fatty acid supplement (1g EPA; 0.7 g DHA) showed a reduction in seizure frequency over the first 6-weeks, an effect that was not sustained over the remaining trial period. These promising data are being extended to other o-3 fatty acids, combinations, and formulations.55

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