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Alexander Scriabine received his MS degree in pharmacology from Cornell University and an MD degree from the University of Mainz, in Germany. Dr Scriabine spent 36 years of his professional life in that pharmaceutical industry, rising from a bench pharmacologist to Research Manager at Pfizer and from Research Fellow to Executive Director at Merck, Sharp, and Dohme. For 14 years, Dr Scriabine was employed by Miles (now Bayer Corporation) in West Haven, CT. Dr Scriabine was also an Assistant Professor and subsequently an Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. He is currently the editor of Cardiovascular Drug Reviews and CNS Drug Reviews, a consultant to industry and lecturer at Yale University School of Medicine. He has published over 150 research articles, review articles, and edited 15 books. He has contributed chapters to many books, including Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Pharmacology of Antihypertensive Drugs, Calcium Antagonists in Clinical Medicine, Pharmaceutical Innovation, and Neuroprotection in CNS Diseases. He is best known for his contributions to the pharmacology of antihypertensive drugs, including a-, ß-adrenoceptor and calcium channel antagonists and diuretics as well as neuroprotective drugs. He also participated in the discovery and the development of prazosin, polythiazide, timolol, nimodipine, nitrendipine, and many other drugs. He resides in Guilford, CT, USA.

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