Oral CIDP, MG, RRMS Crohn's disease, LN, SLE

Oral, INJ RA Crohn's disease, RRMS

Oral ALS

Oral Crohn's disease

Oral, RRMS inhaled

Oral MG

Oral GBS, MS Oral ALS

IS, immunosuppressive; MCAB, monoclonal antibody; P, protein; R, receptor; RA, specific IgM and IgG responses and GBS-like symptoms,22 and a protocol that injects C. jejuni lipooligosaccharide generating anti-GM1 antibodies, flaccid muscle weakness, and a pathology identical to GBS.11 The latter model requires multiple injections and 133-329 days to develop paresis or tetraparesis, thereby reducing its efficacy for experimental studies, and suggesting an imperfect match with the human pathogenesis.

An immunization protocol is also utilized to generate experimental autoimmune MG; the immunogen is a peptide unique to the a subunit of the AChR.

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