Spinal Cord Injury Models

A large number of SCI paradigms have been developed over the past 100 years. As shown in Table 1, the current rodent models that are used to evaluate neuroprotective agents involve contusion, compression, ischemic, and excitotoxic injury mechanisms. By far, the contusion models predominate in the experimental acute SCI field, and in particular the New York University (NYU)12 and University of Kentucky (UK)13 controlled contusion devices dominate acute SCI research. For strategies that may influence axonal regeneration in the injured spinal cord, the usual models involve either complete transaction or hemisection of the spinal cord or dorsal roots (rhizotomy) followed by histological assessments of axonal growth across the lesion site. Assessment of neurological recovery in rat SCI models most commonly employs the Basso/Beattie/Breshahan locomotor recovery assessment tool (BBB Score).14 However, other motor recovery assessment tools have been developed and are employed along with the BBB scoring system.

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