Addiction is a disorder that has a biological basis. Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol result in enormous costs to society in terms of healthcare, family destruction, loss of productivity, and direct and indirect effects on our criminal justice system. The biochemical bases of addiction and relapse have been investigated and numerous hypotheses of how drug seeking for pleasure evolves into compulsive drug taking, in the face of personal destruction, have ensued. These studies have identified central targets to which potential medications can be designed. In addition, medications that have been discovered to successfully treat related mental disorders such as anxiety and depression have also been identified as potential medication candidates and some of these are clinically prescribed. Moreover, clinical evaluation of medications that are successfully used in the treatment of one addiction (e.g., nicotine) may also be useful for treatment of another (e.g., cocaine). Other NCEs are in various stages of clinical development and their success or failure will dictate future trends in research toward discovering treatment candidates, especially for psychostimulant abuse. It is clear that addiction is a complex disorder that will likely not be cured with a 'magic bullet' but rather an array of treatment strategies that may need to be individualized depending on the patient, the drug or drugs to which he is addicted, and any comorbid disorders that he may also suffer from. As such, a multidisciplinary approach to drug abuse research will be required and consideration of many relevant biological targets as well as combination therapies involving medication and behavioral treatments will likely prove to have the greatest success.

Defeat Drugs and Live Free

Defeat Drugs and Live Free

Being addicted to drugs is a complicated matter condition that's been specified as a disorder that evidences in the obsessional thinking about and utilization of drugs. It's a matter that might continue to get worse and become disastrous and deadly if left untreated.

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