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One of the chief issues facing patients with IBS is the inadequacy of many of the existing drugs used to treat this condition.19 Most traditional treatment options target single symptoms.19 Thus, in an attempt to achieve symptom relief, many patients with IBS try multiple traditional medications or switch medications.19 One survey found that only 14% of patients with IBS were completely satisfied with their traditional IBS therapy.19 Very small percentages of these patients reported that medical therapy was completely effective in relieving their symptoms of constipation (19%), diarrhea (18%), abdominal pain (15%), and bloating (10%).19

In addition to their limited efficacy, many of the traditional prescription and OTC medications used for patients with IBS can aggravate IBS symptoms.19 The extent of the problem with traditional medications was indicated by an on-line survey of 668 subjects with physician-diagnosed IBS, 504 (75%) of whom had IBS-C.189 Participants reported an average of 3.3 + 2.7 adverse effects from their IBS medications.189 The likelihood of experiencing a severe adverse event was greater with prescription drugs (antidepressants, 16%; antispasmodics, 11%; laxatives, 9%) than with OTC agents (laxatives, 8%; fiber supplements, 6%).189 For 74% of participants, adverse events were the main reason for discontinuing treatment. Respondents also reported missing work or school and refrained from taking part in social or athletic activities due to the adverse effects of IBS medications.189

The inadequacy of many currently available drug treatments for patients with IBS is suggested by the results of a study of 135 patients who had sought care from a gastroenterologist and had a mean interval since IBS diagnosis of 13.7+ 11.7 years.190 When asked about their symptoms during the previous 7 days, 4% said they had no symptoms, 27% reported mild symptoms, 53% reported moderate symptoms, and 16% reported severe symptoms. Including both absenteeism and presenteeism, overall work productivity losses were 24.7%, 37.3%, and 41.7% for patients with no or mild, moderate, and severe symptoms, respectively. Assuming a 40 h work week, the overall estimated work productivity loss due to IBS was the equivalent of 14 h per week. Daily activity impairment increased significantly as symptom severity increased, and activity impairment levels of 25.0%, 45.3%, and 59.0% were reported by patients with no or mild, moderate, and severe symptoms, respectively (P = 0.0001).190

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