Volume 3: Endocrinology

3.1 Neuroendocrine Regulation of Insect Ecdysis, Pages 1-60, D. Zitnan and M. E. Adams

3.2 Prothoracicotropic Hormone, Pages 61-123, R. Rybczynski

3.3 Ecdysteroid Chemistry and Biochemistry, Pages 125195, R. Lafont, C. Dauphin-Villemant, J. T. Warren and H. Rees

3.4 Ecdysteroid Agonists and Antagonists, Pages 197242, L. Dinan and R. E. Hormann

3.5 The Ecdysteroid Receptor, Pages 243-285, V. C. Henrich

3.6 Evolution of Nuclear Hormone Receptors in Insects,

Pages 287-318, V. Laudet and F. Bonneton

3.7 The Juvenile Hormones, Pages 319-408, W. G. Goodman and N. A. Granger

3.8 Feedback Regulation of Prothoracic Gland Activity,

Pages 409-431, S. Sakurai

3.9 Hormonal Control of Reproductive Processes, Pages 433-491, A. S. Raikhel, M. R. Brown and X. Belles

3.10 Hormones Controlling Homeostasis in Insects,

Pages 493-550, D. A. Schooley, F. M. Horodyski and G. M. Coast

3.11 Circadian Organization of the Endocrine System, Pages 551-614, X. Vafopoulou and C. G. H. Steel

3.12 Hormonal Control of Diapause, Pages 615-650, D. L. Denlinger, G. D. Yocum and J. P. Rinehart

3.13 Endocrine Control of Insect Polyphenism, Pages 651-703, K. Hartfelder and D. J. Emlen

3.14 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Pheromone Production, Pages 705-751, G. J. Blomquist, R. Jurenka, C. Schal and C. Tittiger

3.15 Molecular Basis of Pheromone Detection in Insects, Pages 753-803, R. G. Vogt

3.16 Endocrinology of Crustacea and Chelicerata, Pages 805-842, E. S. Chang and W. R. Kaufman

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