Frontal lobes

They lie anterior to the central or Rolandic sulcus and superior to the Sylvian fissure. Functional areas include:

The primary motor cortex: area 4: precentral gyrus, in the anterior bank of the central sulcus. This forms a homunculus, a cortical map of the body. The area directly controls all voluntary movement.

The premotor (supplemental motor) cortex: area 6: the superior and middle frontal gyri of the precentral gyrus.

The frontal eye field: area 8: posterior part of the middle frontal gyrus

The prefrontal areas: areas 9-12, 32 and 45-47. These are concerned with personality and insight.

Motor speech area (Broca's area): areas 44, 45: the opercular and triangular parts of the inferior frontal gyrus. This area is concerned with the production of written and spoken language.

Areas 4 and 6 comprise the frontal agranular cortex.

Corticofugal pathways from the frontal lobe include corticospinal; cortico-reticular; and corticostriate, corticothalamic and corticopontine pathways.

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