Hormone receptors

Plasma membrane receptors are integral membrane proteins with three basic domains:

An extracellular ligand-binding domain;

A transmembrane domain, usually with seven spans of the membrane, with an exposed N-terminal and a C-terminal projecting into the cytosol; An intracellular or cytoplasmic domain. Intracellular receptors generally consist of a single polypeptide chain with: A variable -NH2 terminus domain;

A conserved deoxynucleic acid (DNA)-binding domain (response element), which is a zinc finger motif;

Receptors for molecules used in signalling

Receptors for lipid-soluble signalling molecules

Steroid hormone family of receptors; Catalytic, cytosolic receptors.

Receptors for water-soluble signalling molecules

Ligand-gated ion channel receptors; Catalytic, membrane receptors; Receptors coupled directly to a cytosolic enzyme; G-protein-coupled membrane receptors.

5 A variable hinge region;

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